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Say it. Mean it. Stand on it.

Gonna start with this line I heard from a movie, think an Indian movie titled VEER. "Just like an arrow fired can't be taken back, so is something you say, can't be taken back". A bullet fired can't also be taken back. A football shot can't be taken back.

And interpreting that in the most literal sense of it actually applies in real life.
Words said are it. No reversal.
Written things can be erased or deleted or last last burnt.

Now words carry a whole lot of weight, so much weight to weigh the heaviest person down or to lift them up.
Saying certain things to people who tend to care about what it is you have to say is tricky, why because whatever you say gets to them. Say painful things, they get hurt. Say beautiful things, they get well...beautiful.

Main point. "I mean what I say and I say only things I mean" (Dice Ailes).
What do you say? There's the whole talkative thing where we just blab out some things out of well, normal talks. But, what are the things you say, to yourself, to others. The little motivation you give yourself? Or the downgrading words you say to yourself or others at that.
The "once in a lifetime" sentence or phrase you say out of anger and BAM!, that's it. You've said it and no amount of apologies will reverse it. Or the "I believe in you" you say out of pure belief in you or someone else and that's it, you're good to go.

This topic also cuts across self discipline too.
You: I'll do it tomorrow
Tomorrow: okay, let's do this
You: tomorrow man, we'll do it
Tomorrow: dudeeee
You: tomorrow for sure
And the loop continues...

Here's a few Steps to getting there
Think before you talk (especially in serious situations.

When you say something, Dont say it just because you want to, mean it.

Actions they say, speak louder than words. Act.

Stand up for your beliefs, talk about what you believe in and respect other's perspectives on what they say, don't talk others down.

Words carry more power than you think, so.....choose them carefully.
Think about it. Think again. Say it. Mean it. Stand on it.

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  1. Yay!!!
    Finally, another motivational article.
    Thanks a lot bro.
    You keep me going.

  2. WELL, I know one coooooool! surgeon that can take back bullet and one other asian dude that can reverse fired shot... Guess you missed that scene where Dr.Strange was playing with Dormammu's balls lol! and its pretty obvious you haven't seen Kung-Fu Hustle.. Stephen Chow is just great with his legs...

    ok fine lets quit kidding around, this is just great. Thanks for your every time motivation.. The #SelfDiscipline paragraph got a good grab on me.. #SO_Me