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Improvise Adapt Overcome

There has been a lot of memes and picture quotes about this 3 words. It sounds interesting and one tends to get curious about it, or just know the meaning by seeing the memes.
So for no specific reason, you gonna be seeing a lot of memes about it.

 But what does it really mean to improvise adapt overcome?

"Improvise adapt overcome" happens to be an unofficial slogan among Marines made popular by the movie heartbreak ridge.

That's it, right? Nah, it's much more than that.
Let's go on a journey.

First stop is the house of IMPROVISATION.
What does it mean to improvise, according to Wikipedia is creating or performing something spontaneously or without preparation, or making something from whatever is available. Check more on it here.

But there's more to it.

Being able to improvise has gone beyond training or preparing for it. That's almost the main reason it's called improvising. 

There's a plethora of situations where improvising takes place.
And it happens when one is not prepared and is caught unawares. Some impromptu event or urgent need calls your attention. What do you do?
Basically, this is something never planned for initially.

Take for instance,You at work or a company where you are an intern and your boss pops up from nowhere and says "I need the slides, you are presenting in 5 minutes or it could be anything at all" (so far it's related to things that could be asked of you at work). What do you do at that specific moment or the "five minutes deadline you are given"?.
Or you just at home chilling, you hear a knock on the door and behold it's one surprise visit from one really special person, and the house is upside down (scattered clothes and all). What do you do?
Improvising is almost a synonym to thinking fast. Only difference is that the improvisation package comes with immediate effect and actions needed to take one out of the "Emergency room".

Generally, being able to improvise is now getting so amazing that it's beginning to be seen as a Gift. (Talent). Especially from performers in the arts. But it's general.

Next stop is the home of Mr ADAPT
Thesaurus dictionary would tell you Adapt is to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly. Check full meaning.

The word adapt could be used relative to improvisation.
Adapting is what you do when you improvise, acting so natural like that was always the plan. It's not just going to ephemeral, you could get caught, you gotta adapt to it. Walk in it. Bask in it. Be confident about it . 

Adapting in this current situation also comes with the acting fast package. There won't be time for "buts". You improvised, adapt to it. 

Following up the first instance, As an intern, you already improvised and took only your journal to present and was awesome. It's going so well until someone asks, can I get a copy of the slides.  Here's the breakdown, at the point where the intern had the idea of going up to present without the slides, The intern already Improvised. Going along with it till the end is the art of ADAPTING.

Next stop is OVERCOMING.
Not a lot to discuss about this guy over here. 'cos when improvisation and adaptation has been disbursed. You are gonna have little or no choice than to overcome.
It's inevitable.
Overcoming after adapting and improvising is the beauty of the whole thing.


Observe: a short story.
A young man works in a store where almost everything is sold (those ShopRite kind of stores). One day a huge guy came in, with his looks it was easy to tell he was a body builder. He asked for half a carton of beer. But it was protocol that the other half of the carton must also be sold immediately, the young man tried to explain to the huge guy, but the huge guy wouldn't listen. Out of annoyance the young man walked quickly to the managers office, without the slightest knowledge that the huge guy was right behind him. He said to his manager There's one idiot outside that won't stop yelling that he wants half a carton of beer. And he turned around, (Horrors!.) His next statement?.... And this perfect gentleman would like the other half of the carton.
Three words saved his Ass that day, improvise adapt overcome.

Last meme: Bonus.

Improvise adapt overcome are three words that will really save you on countless occasions. It cuts across every area of life.
The goal as of right now is to get these 3 words across to folks who have not heard it and to implement it. You gotta know them so well, it becomes part of your memory. 'cos you'll always need it.  Always!.

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And when you don't have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter so you literally give friends this sites address, improvise adapt overcome.