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Heartbreak ain't just a metaphor, science proved that.

A whole lot of people go into relationships nowadays for different reasons, some to avoid being lonely, to have a person to share problems with, while most go into one for sex

A lot of things cause breakups between couples, and the number one reason is distrust…(trusting someone and that someone betraying that trust)… It causes pain a lot, and not just emotional pain, it affect people physically and has been proven by science. 

check the video here

But here’s the thing, heartbreak is and always will be part of life; its inevitable and impossible not to come by, (except you don’t date)…Love fact “the only way you won’t be hurt is if you aint in any relationship or you are just lucky" (and luck is not so common).

There are so much ways to deal with breakups, but its hardest with people who are in it for the first time, “ I’ll never try love again, it disgusts me…” Someone said to me after discovering that her cherished boyfriend was cheating on her....but a saying goes, if you change nothing, nothing will change

There’s always a way to address all kinds of situations, when a breakup just happen, its like the world is down (I know that feeling)… But I also discovered that while someone breaks your heart, there’s someone else waiting to fix it. And one person ain’t everybody else…

All you have to do is follow your heart, ( but take your brain along with you)… And go for somebody else, but make sure to use your head, it aint all about feelings. 

Just stay happy.

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