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He just sued the school system

This post is literally a video of a guy that thinks differently than the normal populace thinks, he thinks on how make a difference,  how to make life and people better. Funny thing is I stumbled upon his video on Youtube and got addicted to his words, his zeal to make a difference in this almost "stereotypical" world is something worth of admiration and much more support.

" if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid - Albert Einstein.    

 This video clip below tells how school in the actual sense of it is teaching everyone the same thing,  the same way. He said, and i quote "we need the change in the educational system". Cause we all got different gifts, different talents, different potentials.

Watch video now.

It truly is a challenge kids are facing in schools all over the world, not everybody is gonna be good at math, I agree with this guy and I believe every child should be given an equal opportunity at what they are good at, what they can do.

"I rest my case"  

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